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Sliding Gates

Sliding Gates are an easy, efficient, functional, and very secure option for most properties and companies in Los Angeles. Furthermore, our high quality sliding gates are aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and extremely durable.

Some of the reasons why you would need a sliding gate in your premises include:

• You need a very secure gate for your premises. Sliding gates can be as heavy as 3000kgs.
• You would like to automate your gate
• You require a very wide gate.
• Your entrance is placed facing uphill.

Instances where the premises do not have enough space to fully open a swing gate. Swing gates usually require a lot of room in order to swing into the property. They could require as much as much as fourteen feet, depending on the size of the gate.

The sliding gate usually consists of a single gate which runs on a track or uses a cantilever. Both of these options are very easy to install and use. We can help you to decide the best option for your premises depending on your needs and your location.

Tracked sliding gates

The tracked sliding gates run on a track or a ratchet. The track is installed on the ground at the opening of the premises. The gate itself has wheels at its base. These wheels will run along the track when it is opened or closed.

The tracked sliding gates have a very low profile, as the tracks are on the ground. However, it is ideal for areas that have flat surfaces. Furthermore, the area has to be completely cleared of all debris in order for the tracks to be installed.

Cantilever sliding gates

Cantilever gates are usually counterbalanced, which means that they do not require tracks in order to operate. Instead, the gate is operated by rollers. Our professional technician will mount posts, and bolt the rollers at a desired height off the ground. Therefore, these gates will be able to slide open and shut without any obstruction or friction. They can also be used effectively on uneven ground. They are very efficient and quiet. They are also perfect for clients who would like to automate their sliding gates. Since this gate is above the ground, it is safer as pets and children will not risk squishing their fingers, toes or paws when the gates are rolled.

Most sliding gates usually have sensitive edges which ensure safety when the gates are closed. Furthermore, the automated cantilever sliding gate has an anti-obstacle or an anti-crushing feature. This means that the gates will automatically stop if they notice any obstacle. This is essential for safety, as the automated sliding gate will not injure anyone or damage any object when it is closed.

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