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Gate Operators

As more communities — both private access and apartment complex — decide to install privacy gates, the need to identify the most appropriate gate operator systems becomes necessary. Part of the determination in obtaining a gate operator stems on what level of security you feel necessary in order to maintain a safe environment for your family or for the rental community in your care. In some instances a gate operator can be accessed only by exiting the vehicle. This can prevent someone from easily watching an invited guest entering the correct keypad entry code numbers.

Gate Operator Types

After determining the need for acquiring a gate operator package, you can select from a simple gate operator system that uses a slide gate, or a swing gate or linear operator. The slide gate system has a pulley system and wheels, and a swing gate operator system uses a hinge which works to shut or open the gate. The third type that you may want to examine is the gate operator system which utilizes a linear arm, which allows the security gate to move outward or inward. If you are not quite certain which type of system will best accommodate your safety and security needs, then you should take a look at how both systems work before investing in a gate operator system.

Choosing a Residential Gate Operator System

The gate operator that is chosen will certainly dictate how often you feel the gate will be used by entering and exiting vehicles. If you are leaning towards the more economic side, then you should consider the single swing gate, especially if you are purchasing it for use in your residential area. The single swing gate operator system has a rather heavy fence, and the arm extends about 12 feet across the driveway. In the majority of cases, a residential driveway will be approximately 12 feet wide, so this type of fence should be sufficient for your purposes, and will allow vehicles to enter or leave the residence from either direction.

How Are They Powered?

If you are curious about how the gate operators are powered, then you will be interested to know that in some cases they can be solar powered, for those who want to be environmentally green. Most of the gate operator systems or packages will use batteries or electricity. What has become a growing trend is the use by some homes and other facilities of a combined solar powered and electrical system.


The costs involved can be somewhat minimal or expensive, depending upon the type of gate operator system or package that you purchase. For instance, if you are purchasing a keypad gate operator, then the cost can be $1,000 or more for heavy duty swing gate openers; while some single gate operator openers can range from $400 to $700 in price.

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