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Driveway Gate Repair

The ease and convenience of a driveway gate is typically taken for granted until problems begin to emerge. This, of course, can present a whole host of problems for you in your home or apartment complex community, or for employees who work in a secure building. This is why it is important, both for home owners and apartment complex managers, as well as building managers, to be proactive to ensure driveway gates operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Recognizing Developing Problems

Driveway gate issues do not become problematic overnight. There are typically warning signs one should be aware of, since these problems will continue to develop and worsen. For instance, if there is growing hesitation in the opening and closing of the gate, or if the gate appears to be jerking open or shutting with sudden force, then there may be a problem with electrical power to the motor. or an object may be lodged on your driveway gate track. If the driveway gate has repeatedly sustained hard contact with vehicles and is operating sluggishly, then you may either need a new gate or need to have the driveway gate track repaired.

Use Skilled Experts for Driveway Gate System Problems

You cannot assume that your driveway gate system for your home, apartment complex, or commercial building will always operate the same or that the repair to the gate system will be similar to others you have known. Often there will be problems with driveway gate systems that operate from a telephone entry system, and the system will reject your gate code, not ring at all, or you won’t be able to hear your visitor, or vice versa. This type of system should be repaired by an expert who has the skills and training to quickly identify the problem and fix it.

Undertake Preventive Safety Measures

On many occasions your driveway gate may simply be the victim of your own vehicle, your lawnmower, or even your child’s bike running into the fence and causing damage to the gate’s sensor or perhaps the gate motor, and it will need additional safety devices. If your driveway gate leads to an apartment complex or is on a commercial property which you own or manage, your gate should be provided with additional safety measures.

Types of Safety Measures to Consider

There are some inexpensive yet very reliable measures which can be had, such as the installation of a photo-eye which engages and causes the gate to reverse if the signal across your driveway is broken. Two other safety measures that will extend the life and durability of your gate are Miller-edges and loop sensors. A Miller-edge is a piece of rubber that is attached near the edge of your driveway gate; when any approaching object comes into contact with it, the sensor sends a signal to the gate operator to reverse the gate. Loop sensors are placed underneath your driveway near the gate; as a vehicle approaches, the magnetic field sends a signal to the sensors.


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