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There is no denying the obvious benefits of having gates installed in your home. Initially, gates were primarily used as a method of protection. They kept the bad guys and animals out. Fences and gates could be built to varied heights. Some homes had really high fences that made climbing over difficult while others had fairly low fences. Fences could also be designed to be solid or with partitions that allowed people to get a glimpse of the home beyond. However, custom gates and fences are not only used for protection. Over the years, the reasons for owning custom gates have expanded to include other options.

For instance, designing custom gates is an easy way of making your home more discernable to your family or friends. Since the gates are the first thing that people will see, it’s a lot easier to give directions to your home if the driveway gates are something unique that they will easily recognize, especially when the features of your house are similar to those of your neighbors. A custom iron gate with unique symbols or special letterings will be hard to miss.

Custom gates are also a good way of adding value to your home. The addition of a lovely designed custom gate can raise the net worth of a property giving it a more complete feel. It is one of the reasons why, during real estate listings, homes with beautiful driveway gates tend to be valued higher than those without any. Choosing a gate design that blends with the colors and theme of your home will also add to the final beauty making even more appealing.

Building a customized gate will not only give you control over the way it looks. You’ll also be presented with the opportunity of choosing the way it operates. For instance, gates can be built to swing or slide on their hinges depending on the effect you’re gunning for. They can also be built to be opened manually or controlled by an automated system. Depending on how far your home is located, you might also want to consider adding a telephone system to your gate.

Different types of gates reflect different styles. For example, custom gates bordered by stone fence have a historical Romanesque feel to them. On the other hand, a picket fence connected to custom gates exudes a rustic country side air. The best way of getting the best visual outcome is to take into consideration the image you hope to achieve. Fortunately, the web is filled with resources and professionals that you can approach.

An example of a great place to visit for custom gates is Star Steel. Manned by highly trained professionals with several years of experience behind them, Star Steel is a renowned for the strength, durability and beauty of its custom gates. You’ll be able to choose from an extensive range of gate styles and designs.

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