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Opening and closing a gate might appear to be a fairly simple task until you contemplate doing it 20 times in a day. But that’s exactly how often the average gate of property is usually opened. Gates that are located in larger complexes are opened even more frequently. The gate of company with a few dozen employees will probably be opened and closed as much as a hundred times in a day. Eventually it’s bound to get very tiring, unless of course you have an automatic gate opener.

Gate openers, such as those designed by All-O-Matic, are all the rage in the country today and it’s easy to see why With a gate opening system in place, the process of manning the gate becomes a lot more convenient and quicker. You won’t need to worry about getting in and out of your car which is a welcomed option when you’re in a hurry or during the occasional rainstorm.

There are different types of gate opening systems that you might want to consider, each of which is accompanied with unique features and advantages. For instance, some gate openers are controlled with an access panel that works with a swipe card. This is a popular option with estates or companies that have a high percentage of people driving in and out.

The risk linked with this option is that swipe cards can sometimes be stolen and used without permission. A more secure alternative is to use multi-code remote controls. Recognized brands such as All O Matic have highly effective remote control options that can be used in controlling your gate. You can choose from single button remotes to 4 button options.

Still, long before you reach the decision of how the gate is going to be controlled, you will need to decide on the type of mechanism that you prefer. Gate operators can be used for either swinging or sliding gates. Depending on the layout and terrain around the gate some adjustments might need to be made to accommodate the installation of the gate operator. Gate operators are also manufactured with various capacities. You’ll require a heavier motor if your gate is large.

Unless you have a credible amount of experience, you’ll need professional assistance installing your gate. Most of the more credible companies provide installation services as well as advice on the best accessories to buy and can easily be contacted online. For instance, an example of a good company to consider is Star Steel.

Founded in 1986, Star Steel has grown to become one of the leading gate makers in the country today. The company is linked with recognized brands such as All O Matic and Door King. As well as handling the installation of gates, the company’s services also include the installation of telephone entry systems, iron railing and wood fencing. You can also have your custom gate designed and manufactured form a broad range of materials such as wood and wrought iron. You can learn more about the company by visiting