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No other type of entry makes more of an impression than a quality set of ornate steel gates. We can create the ideal entry way for your home or commercial facility in order to make it inviting as well as secure. We stand out from other companies by providing you with only the best parts and work in the business and give you the options that you want for your facility by making available custom iron work that includes every aspect of fabrication, repair and installation of gates and fences. We take care of every detail including the electronics, lock shop, and concrete and accessory work that are needed to complete the job.

All of our products and services including electric gate repairs are of the highest quality and we back our work with the finest service even after the project is complete. No matter whether you are looking for the best electric gates and ornamental iron fencing in a custom design to give your business a coordinated appeal or the best steel gates to provide you with the security that your business demands, you can count on us for the quality that we have been providing to our customers for more than 30 years.

Many individuals prefer wood gates and fencing when they are securing their homes. We can provide you with the best wood gates and wood fencing in a standard or custom design to create the degree of privacy you want and the style that will compliment your home’s design. Choose from sunwood, cedar or redwood.

Our electric gates are a good choice for use as pedestrian or driveway gates to add beauty and also provide an important function by making entrance to your home or business more secure. You have many options in the choice of materials including glass, wood or steel gates as well in the way that you would like for the gates to open. Gates can be made to slide or swing open and there are also overhead gates. The choice in materials is often made according to which one looks best with the exterior of the home or other facility. The style of gate may also depend on whether it will be used to add looks and value to a home, retain animals, keep out intruders, or to add to your privacy.

At Star Steel, we have the understanding of our customers and their needs for the best quality electric gate repairs, installation and maintenance. Whether we are working on a single-family home or at an industrial or commercial facility, we always have the best interests of our customers in mind and will continue to provide them with the best quality service long after their products are installed.

Parking Gate Do’s & Don’ts

Have you ever thought about how often a parking gate opens and closes at a 10 unit apartment complex? How about an office building with 20 plus workers? Or, what about your own home with all the trips to work, taking the kids to school or going to the grocery store. If you have a gate that opens electronically it is going to be used a lot. Given this,

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